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Do you need a reliable boiler service in Chatham? Boiler problems are extremely frustrating when they happen, especially when you realise they could have been avoided by having a regular boiler service once a year.

What’s even more annoying is when the problems have lain unidentified for so long that they have worsened to the point of no return, meaning that you have no other option but to fork out for a new boiler.

Then there’s trying to find the money to pay heating bills which seem to have gone through the roof. If only you’d known that by having an annual boiler service and making your boiler more energy efficient you could have saved hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

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Boiler Servicing Chatham - Get Results

We know that sometimes getting your boiler serviced can feel like an unnecessary cost, but when you compare it with the cost savings that can be made from having a boiler which runs efficiently then it makes total sense.

In addition, when you choose us for your boiler service in Chatham, you can be sure that the work we do will be thorough. You won’t feel like the job’s been rushed through. Instead, you can have the reassurance of a professional Chatham boiler service completed by the experts.

Boiler Servicing In Chatham

Efficient, friendly and experienced plumbers in Rochester, here to get the job done!

Hundreds Of Happy Chatham Boiler Servicing Customers Rated Us Top Marks On Facebook And Checkatrade!

You can’t beat word of mouth recommendations and ours are among the best. We’re not just talking about the odd five star review here and there - there’s literally hundreds of them - just see for yourself.

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Can we service your boiler in Chatham?

For the last 20 years, our qualified Chatham boiler servicing experts have ensured the optimum health and longevity of boilers of all types for hundreds of customers in the local area. We also stay up to date with all the latest training to ensure the job we do is a thorough one.

A Friendly, Polite and Professional Boiler Service In Chatham

Our team of boiler servicing experts are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. For this reason, we will show every courtesy in your home, while providing a professional boiler service which will leave less likelihood of problems in the future, lower bills and a boiler that keeps going for longer.

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The Boiler Servicing Process Explained

In order to have a boiler service which meets the standards of your warranty, it must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer following a defined checklist. Here’s how our proven process works to ensure you get the service you need.


Book Your Boiler Service In Chatham

Just get in touch with a member of our team either online or over the phone and book a boiler service for a time which is most convenient for you. If you need details of what’s involved, a member of our team will be happy to help.


Reliable Timekeeping So You Won’t Be Messed Around

If you’ve had to take time out of your day to be there for your boiler service then there’s no way you want to be left waiting around. For that reason, you will receive text confirmation of the date and time, as well as a text on the day when we’re on our way.


Thorough, Professional and Reliable Boiler Servicing In Chatham

You’ll be reassured by just how much care we take in our boiler servicing. We will follow an extensive list of checks to be certain that your boiler is left functioning at its maximum potential to run efficiently and effectively.


A Polite, Friendly And Respectful Service

It’s not enough to have a thorough boiler service in Chatham. We know that you want to feel comfortable in your own home and that’s why our engineers will always be polite and approachable, acting with every respect for your property and tidying up before they go.


Pay For Your Chatham Boiler Service

Once we’ve finished and checked to make sure that everything is running smoothly, we will take payment either over the phone or via card. In the following days, you’ll hear from us again because we like to check that all is running well and you’ll be asked to leave a review.

Is It Really Worth Me Taking Time Out Of My Day?

We think so. An annual boiler service in Chatham requires minimal inconvenience and problems can be spotted before they become worse. Boiler repairs and replacements, not to mention sky high utility bills from a boiler which wastes energy, are much less convenient, so why not avoid all that and book your service today? From plumbing in Strood to boiler repair in Gravesend, we are here for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in finding out more about our boiler servicing in Chatham, then here are the answers to some commonly asked questions below. Or, for more details about what’s involved, just get in touch.

How much do you charge for your Chatham boiler servicing?

An annual boiler service costs £84 and if you want additional inspection and a digital certificate too, then the cost will go up to £132. All of our prices are made clear and upfront before we start. The quickest way to get your boiler running as it should is to check our pricing and availability now.

What do you include as part of a service?

In addition to following a structured process for things we check, we will thoroughly inspect your boiler to see if anything isn't as it should be. When problems are spotted early they cost much less to fix. For a full technical breakdown, check pricing and availability now.

Are you insured and accredited?

Yes, it’s vital that anyone who carries out work on your boiler is Gas Safe registered, properly accredited and fully knowledgeable of what they’re doing. You’ll be pleased to know that we are licensed and insured as well as being regularly trained to be the best we can be. Book your engineer now to avoid delays.

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