Welcome To Medway Plumbing & Heating

Welcome To Medway Plumbing & Heating

If you have been impressed with the services provided by Rob’s Plumbing and Heating in the past, then you’ll be pleased to know that we’re still here, ready and waiting to assist, just under a new name!

As we are Medway people, serving homeowners and businesses in the Medway area, we felt we needed a brand which does what it says on the tin and is more in sync with our aspirations to grow the business. We came up with the name Medway Plumbing and Heating to let our customers know that there is a local plumbing business which is always on hand to help, providing experienced, professional and reliable engineers at any time of the day or night where needed.

Our owner, Rob Travers and Trevor Parker (Business Manager) took the decision in March to invest a significant amount of money in improving the company’s presence, both online and at street level. This led to us acquiring the necessary company and website domain names to rebrand as Medway Plumbing and Heating. We felt that the previous name, Rob’s Plumbing and Heating, just didn’t give the right first impression and had its limitations. In essence, the name had gone as far as it could, so it needed an upgrade to show our customers just how wide an area we are able to cover with a whole range of heating and plumbing services.

You’ll still benefit from the best plumbing and heating

Despite the name change, you can still benefit from the very best services when you choose Medway Heating and Plumbing with the same reliable and friendly personnel who are fully qualified and come with all necessary industry accreditations to complete a safe and professional job whatever the shape or size of it. The services we provide include the following:

○ Plumbing
○ Boiler Installation
○ Boiler Repair
○ Boiler Servicing
○ General Maintenance of Heating Systems
○ Power Flushing
○ Other general plumbing work

In talking about the rebranding, our owner, Rob Travers said: “I’m very pleased to announce Medway Plumbing and Heating. I’m proud of what we achieved under Rob’s Plumbing and Heating but I felt we had outgrown this name and it was time for the brand to make a real statement. We wanted the new name to show where we come from but also to look ahead to the future and we believe Medway does this. Our customers seem to agree from the feedback they gave us, and I’m excited to see what we can achieve as Medway in the future.”

Check Pricing and Availability

If you need any plumbing or heating work carried out in your home or business, then we are only a phone call away. Get in touch with one of our engineers to discuss the work that needs to be done and, depending on the level of urgency, we can even be there with you in a matter of minutes.

In addition, did you know that you can reduce your heating bill with a boiler service, new boiler or other plumbing work? Our aim, in addition to providing the highest levels of customer service and expertise is to save our customers money when and where we can. Speak to a member of our team today for more details and to check our pricing and availability.