10 Tips For Reducing Your Energy Bill

10 Tips For Reducing Your Energy Bill

The changes in the energy price cap didn’t come as a welcome arrival as temperatures plummeted rapidly across the UK this January. Many households have been left having to prioritise the cost of things which, at one point, they may have found more affordable.

However, while there have been certain things which we as homeowners can’t control, the good news is that there are steps which we can take to keep our bills as low as they can be and in the process be kinder to the environment through increased energy efficiency.

Firstly, there are some very simple actions which you can take to make your home as cost efficient as possible, for example, you could turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees and set it to come on only when you need it. You could put draft excluders down, keep doors and windows closed and only heat rooms which are in use. There are also steps which your local plumber can take to help you reduce your bills further.

In this blog we look into some of the bigger changes which you can make around your home to reduce your energy bills. Below you will find a list of 10 top tips for reducing energy bills which we believe are among the most effective.

Our top ten tips

  1. Book in an annual boiler service – this will help prolong your boiler’s life, keep your boiler running as efficiently as possible and spot any issues before they start to make your boiler lose energy.
  2. Adjust your boiler’s flow temperature – this will not lower the temperature of your home but do bear in mind that only certain systems are able to do it.
  3. Make use of heating controls – these enable you to set your heating and hot water to turn off and on only when you need it, heat only certain parts of your home and ensure the temperature stays at the level you want it to be at.
  4. Make use of smart thermostats and other smart tech – these are designed to make the most out of energy efficiency, which in turn lowers your costs and they can also be used remotely. Ask your plumber about which would be the best options for your home.
  5. Install a more energy efficient boiler – if your boiler has not been serviced regularly or is very old, changing to a more modern boiler will save you thousands in the long term.
  6. Run your heating only when you’re at home – even switching it off for an hour a day can make a big difference, so there’s no worry about returning to a stone cold house.
  7. Bleed your radiators – the trapped air can make your radiators slower to heat up, which means the use of more energy. It’s quite simple to do it yourself, but a plumber can help, too.
  8. Use less hot water by limiting shower length and baths – it may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people are unaware. In addition, try to shower more than you have a bath, it will use less hot water.
  9. Add insulation wherever you can – many houses no longer meet the current insulation regulations and are losing energy unnecessarily. By investing in better insulation, it could save you in the long run.
  10. Switch off appliances when not in use.

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